nLite® HydroPower DI

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As perfect as you can be: the new nLite® HydroPower DI Filter:

Designed for Efficiency
Time is money. The innovative ideas that underpin the design the nLite® HydroPower DI Filters are inspired by this old business rule. Here’s a rundown on how nLite® HydroPower DI Filters can help you and your team to achieve more in less time and at lower cost.

Easy Resin Change
The new QuickChange Resin Bags are an example how effective simple ideas can be. Pre-packed resin bags save time and simplify resin change process – no more timeconsuming, inconvenient filling up of narrow vessels and no more spilled, wasted resin. Put simply, we have set a new benchmark for user-friendly design of DI filters.

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